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T.I. - Do U Really Want Me


Artist: T.I.
Album: Unknown
Title: Do U Really Want Me

feat. Governer

Aye, Aye Do U Really Want Me Baby Ahhhhha Cause I Want U Oh,Ohhh Do
U Really Want Me Baby,Do U Really Want Me Baby Ahhha Cause I Want U Ohhh.

Aye 2 Things I Know 4sho Pimpin Hard & Luv Hurts.Tryin 2 Make Luv Work
When Ya Dodging Luvs Curse.Whoever Made A Adjects Tell Em 2 Fall
In Love First.Use 2 Thank
It Was Simple Or Throwin Dubs On A Bird.Giving Some 1 Ya Heart
And Lowing Ya Garden.And Ya Towing Ya Scar And Someone Towing Ya Heart.
Yea I Ask God 7 Tha Stars Why It Iz Like Dis.People Call Us Stasrs
It Didnt Begin Like This.It Was A Bright Day Blowing Tha Hay,Drowing
Tha Air,Blowing 65 Impala The Breze,Blowing Ya Hair.And Some Nice
Shades Riding Tha Sub Rapping Ya Rear.In My Lap On Tha Way 2 Tha
Club 2new Orleaz Yeah.Remeber Rushin Home Dont Knowing If Ya Their,
And Know I Feel Alone Dont Even Knowing If Ya Care.Dont Spare My Feelings,
You Dont Share My Feelings.And If Its Strong Like It Was In The Beginning.

Do U Really Want Me Baby Ahhhhha Cause I Want U.I Really Really Want U Babe.
Whoo Do U Really Want Me Baby Ahhhha Cause I Want U Ohh.

Remeber Time And Time Again Trying 2 Make It Work Kids Fuck& Break Up
Again Man,We Makin It Worst.But Tha Realationship Was Solid.The Ship
Was Secret At First.I Did My Dirt.Now U Sakin Im Justa Fakin It First.
I Thought U Said That Hurt Some Shit U Said That U Was Mad At Me Slowly
I Realized U Sad That U Aint Happy Ima Have 2 Grow Old & Long Just Like
My Daddy 4 Bullseyes Bitches Throwin That Pussy At Me.I Respect U So
Much 2 Stand 2 C Ya Sad And Gone Find The Man U Neva Had.Arguements And
I Was Sry That We Didnt Bother 2 Say Just Made It Hard Just 2 Remeber
Y We Y Bother 2 Stay.Its Feeling Good Our Way When We Fight Everday.
Remeber I Use 2 Beat Them Niggaz Who Was Right Everday.Niggaz Say I Miss
Ya Wish Ya Could Of Saw U 2day.You Know If Call U Know All I Gotta Say.


U Can Catch Me On Tha Mayback Lay It Back Bumping On The Finest Trees.
Or Chillin Wit 2 Or 3 Chicks.That Can Cut Niggga Out Picks With
Ez-Stopping Even Though My Pimpin Iz Strong.Patients 2 Long Give
It All Up 2 C Street Lucky Thongs One Moe Time Baby,One Moe Time Darling.
Belive Me



Let Me Tell U Something I Know I Aint Yo 1st & U Want B My Last.
But If We Gone Make This Thing Work Then We Gotta Put The Past
In The Past & Leave It Their.
Do U Really Want Me


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